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Ammacom Credit

A Trusted and Registered Credit Provider Since 2015

Access to Credit
Financial Wellness
Competitive Rates

Employer Payroll Relief

Operational cashflow for your business

Employer Tax Incentive

ETI benefits for your business

Group Financial Wellness

Empower your employees with free access to their credit reports

Payroll Loans

Affordable payroll-based loans for your employees with 100% NCR compliance

Simple and Safe

Our credit solutions are cloud based and secure

FinTech Support

We integrate with your existing business platforms.

Employer Payroll Relief.

We provide small businesses with operational cashflow relief based on the value of their Payroll book.

This credit solution can be financed up to 60 days, with interest from as low as 1% per month (based on 12% p/a)


Employer Tax Incentive (ETI) Benefits:


ETI is an incentive aimed at encouraging employers to hire young work-seeking South Africans, while reducing the employer’s cost and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) liability through a cost-sharing mechanism with the government.

This incentive came into effect on 1 January 2014, and we fully support the initiative to help drive the South African economy, increase employment of youth and help our clients to benefit from this tax incentive.

We assist our clients by providing bursaries and scholarships with accredited educational institutions for students over a 12 month period.

Financial Wellness as the future of Credit.

It’s never been more important to understand your financial profile and overall credit worthiness. Our platform empowers your employees with access to their free credit reports, and a financial profile to understand where to improve credit scores and profiles.

Through the platform employees have access to affordable and reputable financial products and services including Insurance, Financial Rehabilitation, and Payroll Loans.

This holistic approach to financial products and services supports employees to better understand their own credit and financial positions. 

Payroll as the future of Credit

Does Your Company Offer Staff Loans?

Companies across South Africa are faced with complex business decisions on a daily basis, many of which have a direct impact on your company’s cashflow

Many business leaders don’t realise that offering cash loans or other means of credit to their employees without the necessary licence(s) and affordability checks could land them in hot water, including fines and other financial and legal penalties enforceable by law. 

Ammacom Credit provides secure, reliable, and compliant outsourced capital solutions to companies with a payroll infrastructure. 

This solution enables your employees to access the much needed additional funding without impacting on your company’s cashflow.

More Than Just Competitive Interest Rates for Employees. 

Ready for a Safer, Simpler, more rewarding Credit Solution for your Business?

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