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Our in-house marketing and rewards business unit that creates the content, designs and branding required to take products and services to market.



Ammacom Lifestyle supports our business units and clients to navigate the marketing landscape from concept to production, with a specific focus on retail and eCommerce industries.

We also specialise in bespoke rewards and membership programs that can be deployed on behalf of businesses.


The kinda stuff that makes things sell better.


The kinda stuff that makes things look better.


Coming up with the ideas, words, pictures, and videos to makes sense of your business, products and services.


Not like marketing… not like sales… but the tools that get you there.

Business Support

We’ve been around the block and know how to provide tangilbe marketing support.

Why Lifestyle?

Our idea is to bring business ideas to life.
We take a practical approach to create value for buyers & sellers.
Instead of focusing on time and output; we solve the marketing function.

Businesses, products and services need exposure to their customers, and there are plenty of ways to get there.

Our niche is to navigate the content, design, and promotional material to create meaningful interactions with users.

We partner with our clients in taking their ideas to market, for profit.

And our group structure can provide FinTech solutions that make sure you get paid.

Like what you see?

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It’s not just us… We have a badass team that makes it look easy.





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